When considering cowboys, there’s much to admire.
They’re tough and they’re skilled and available for hire.

Their style’s not eclectic. They all look the same.
They’re wild and they’re wooly. Not easy to tame.

They’re never clandestine. They’re out in the open.
Just  shootin’ and spittin’ and ridin’ and ropin’.

Made out of leather and chew and barbed wire,

nobody knows when cowboys expire.

For though they aren’t known for their tact or their heart,
there’s much to admire in how they depart.

No need for a service or funeral pyre,
no casket, no preacher, no flowers, no choir.

They merely climb up and sit straight in the saddle,
ride toward the horizon and simply skedaddle.


IMG_1416 (1)

12 thoughts on “Cowboys

  1. Anonymous

    Greetings Judy. I enjoyed the cowboys poem and the photo, especially since I know them all. Good to know you are well and happy.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Can you please give me their names so I can put them in the blog? I didn’t know any of them. Nor can I tell who you are because there is no name on the comment, so would love to know who this is, also. Hope you are well and happy, too!! Thanks so much for commenting.


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