America the Beautiful


America the Beautiful

I won’t whitewash my puzzlement. Can’t understand
why the people we’ve chosen to govern our land
Would consider it sane, for even a minute
to ever put toxic chemicals in it!


The prompt words today are  whitewash, puzzlement and toxic.

9 thoughts on “America the Beautiful

  1. Christine Goodnough

    And then the Town planning committees allow suburbs to be built over long-buried and forgotten toxic waste dumps. I recall a news story years back where one mother launched a battle to uncover the truth after her son and several other young children in her suburb had died of leukemia.

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  2. kajmeister

    Edward Hopper said all he wanted to do was paint sunlight on the side of a barn. American the Beautiful is achingly gorgeous stretches like this, grass, sky, simple nature. Love the photo and the sentiment.



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