Morality and Michael Cohen–NY Times

My friend Marti sent me this excellent article that I have to send on to you:

Opinion _ Morality and Michael Cohen – The New York Times

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9 thoughts on “Morality and Michael Cohen–NY Times

  1. Martha Kennedy

    “Supporting Trump requires daily acts of moral distancing” — I see it that way, many others do, but the base Base doesn’t. That’s the big shock to me and the real danger. Their media tells them that anyone who says this is just a lying, amoral Liberal who wants to steal their freedom and replace it with Socialism. We’re really fucked, IMO. It’s fascinating and scary at the same time. As for Cohen, I think he did what he thought he had to do to save what’s left of his bacon. I’m not sure there’s any moral conviction there, but it’s a trustworthy motive.

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      1. Martha Kennedy

        Yep. 😦 I honestly hate everything that’s going on. Both “sides” disgust me. And everyone around me, all parties, we just DON’T talk about it because we value each other. It’s dangerously inflammatory.



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