Out of Order

Out of Order

My Wi-Fi’s ills I must relate,
Its constancy I must delate.
For though I’m much in need of it,
Telmex won’t take heed of it.
It’s off and on by its own whim.
When most in need, its lights go dim
or flash a mock emergency
uncaring of my urgency
to post a blog or read my mail.
When most in need, it’s sure to fail.

I’m in great pain, I must confess.
I am a maiden in distress
who needs a knight who might be able
to bring me fiber optic cable
so when I get the writing urge,
I’ll always get that welcome surge
that allows my words to hit the air
in weather inclement or fair.
So if you’re friends with Carlos Slim,
please tell him I’m in need of him.

We’ve filled his pockets and his banks,
now we’re deserving of his thanks.
It’s time that we received the perks
of a router system that really works.
Perhaps he’ll look at all he’s got:
his houses and his massive yacht,
and realize that it’s only fair
to give a hoot— to really care
to deliver what we pay him for.

Wi-Fi that’s fact and not just lore!!!


Prompt words today were delate, WiFi, knight and pledge. Here are the links:

9 thoughts on “Out of Order

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  2. slmret

    You’re not alone — every time Microsoft upgrades, there are issues. The latest of these was an inability to send e-mails because of a new setting option. When I first noticed the problem, even Cox didn’t know what was happening — I returned from 10 days away to find it had not been fixed, so I called Cox again — their back office walked me through it. Who knows what the next issue will be?!


  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    May you have better luck than we have! Our town is so small, we have only ONE option: Spectrum/Charter and they are probably THE worst cable company in the U.S. Expensive too. The CABLE alone costs more than their whole cable/telephone/TV package costs just a few years ago and since you can cut cable, you can’t cut wi-fi. So we are stuck, like you, like everyone else.



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