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Just Beyond My Grasp


Just Beyond My Grasp

When I’ve passed a restless night,
to once more welcome morning light,
I do not leave a lover’s grasp.
No knitted legs need to unclasp.
What time on waking I can afford
is simply spent unwinding cord:
the earbud cord around my neck,
my PC power cord from the wreck
of pillows, comforter and sheet
that somehow, now, are at my feet.
My MacBook Air, just by my shoulder
has come unplugged and so is colder
to my touch. It won’t power on.
Then, when plugged in, my poem is gone.


This is part of a much longer poem written three years ago. The prompt today is grasp.


I woke up with the word “Cublic” rampaging through my brain. When I got up to pee, “Cublic!” formed my entire  interior monologue. Back to bed.  Someone knocked on the door.  “Cublic!” I let in Ellie to wash the sheets for the upstairs apartment. Tried to go back to sleep, but “Cublic” kept nudging my dream, so I got up, fed Morrie, let him out and pulled a chair up to the computer. After a few changes of spelling (initially I had spelled it “Cublik”) I found that it was a Korean company that had found a way to put advertising videos on the pagers restaurants use to call you to your table.  Good grief!!!  So, when I went to find my daily prompt word on the WordPress Daily Post and saw that the word was “territory,” I knew I had to claim mine by getting rid of “Cublic.”  Here goes.


They are always out there waiting, intent on doing peeking,
inflicting what they want to sell over what I’m seeking.
They invade my territory every single minute,
eavesdropping on each search I make to try to find what’s in it.
I wouldn’t really mind at all if they stole my cookies,
if only they confined their sorties just to having lookies,
but I fear that’s not enough. The real end of their story
is that they are planning raids on my territory.
I do not want their bracelets nor their brassieres nor their dresses.
When they think they know what I want, their thoughts are merely guesses.
What I really want the most is every bit of screen space,
but every day more of my screen seems to be has-been space.
Every minute, a new sales pitch comes feeding at my trough,
while I only want an app. that tells the pop-ups to pop off!!!!!

The prompt today was territory.

Too Much Information

DSCF1865 - Version 3jdbphoto

Too Much Information

There is too much of everything—
things constantly developing.
There is no time to fool around.
We’re always off and “somewhere bound.”
The days of lying in the grass
and watching ants? They are long past.
Instead I lie upon my back
with laptop and my battery pack,
plugged into the confusing world,
downloading facts dispensed and whirled
together in my spinning brain.
I want a simple world again
composed of only what’s around me.
All these facts stress and confound me—
glossing over the fact that
I’m really only where I’m at!

Ironic that as I tried to save this, my computer refused to do so or to add the photograph to the post  because the startup disk was full.  No more memory––too much information!!! I’m going to try to post this, remove things from my computer, and then post the photo to go with it. (After one hour of removing files from my computer—success!!! Photo is added.)

Overwhelming is the prompt word today.

Recalculating: Berkeley to Livermore and Back

Recalculating: Berkeley to Livermore and Back

Who wanders for pleasure, wanders alone
marking no boundary, barrier, zone.
The earth has no limits and time has no chime,
my steps undetermined by schedule or clime.

This used to be my modus operandi
travel my sweet tooth and freedom my candy.
No email or Google, no iPad or phone,
without Internet service, I rolled like a stone.

But today I am traveling from town to town
with heavier luggage–more weighted down.
And though I go singly, I’m never alone
thanks to my computer, my Kindle and phone.

Right now I’m imprisoned and my progress is bound
by the cords of my ear buds confusingly wound
round my camera charger and Ethernet connector.
My GPS determines my vector.

No more do I travel unfettered and free.
Cell tower to tower is where I must be;
so every person that I’ve ever met
has me perpetually in their debt.

Birthdays to remember and twitters to answer,
queries of grandchildren, hip sockets, cancer.
Traveling with this extra weight is not pleasant.
I much prefer traveling just in the present

unfettered by email, phone calls or that voice
calling instructions at every choice
of northwards or southwards or eastward or west.
Yes, I know GPS directions are best,

but if I’m never lost and never alone,
I might as well stay home and talk on the phone,
for most of adventure has come when I’m lost
from all of my past, whatever the cost.

Still the ways of the present make planning much easier,
finding my next destination much breezier.
These tricky freeways have changed in past years
and I find my memory much in arrears.

So perhaps for today I’ll turn on GPS
so I won’t get so lost and I won’t have to guess
which freeway to take: eight-oh-eight? eight-oh-six?
Getting myself in a terrible fix.

Tomorrow’s the time to become vagabond,
using personal radar and my fairy wand
to maneuver through life by the skin of my pants.
Just for today, I won’t take the chance!

P.S.  Thanks, Patti, for the loan of the GPS!!! Actually, it has been a Godsend.

The WordPress prompt: The Happy Wanderer–What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?