El Raton Cat Food Motivational and Dispersal System

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If you are following my development of a totally unique new concept in cat food based on the cat’s own preferences, you’ve already seen the rationale HERE and HERE.  A suggestion by Forgottenman in the comments of that post has led to my improvement of his suggestion. Namely, a feeding dish on the back of a windup mouse that will cater to a cat’s natural proclivity to pursue his quarry. This system ties into a cat’s wild nature, turning a feline turned domestic once again into a hunter/huntress.  Watch your cat’s appetite turn from finicky to ravenous as it gives way to the spell of wild game gained in a wild pursuit. (Flavors available in mouse, rat, squirrel, garter snake and cockroach. Further motivational dispersal systems will soon be available compatible with all of the flavors.)


Disclaimer: Fancy Feast does not indeed make a “Mouse” flavored cat food. I have altered and used their can design only as a means to illustrate my earlier poem. This is a joke, folks!!!!

14 thoughts on “El Raton Cat Food Motivational and Dispersal System

  1. Anton Wills-Eve

    Judy, I wish it was a joke but pet food companies here and throughout Europe have been selling cans for doggies and kitties for years with heaven only knows what in the tin. It certainly certainly isn’t the animal or fish on the label. Maybe just a micro-drop of flavouring to fool the puss or pooch. My sister buys all her dog food from the local butcher. !😐 Anton.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I wrote this poem last night, using Kukla for my model. Today when I got home from town, she’d put a half-eaten baby bird in her food dish outside. Is it a sign?


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