Premature Departure

Premature Departure

In this lackluster party,
even the guacamole’s gray!
It’s not the proper ending
to an equally dull day.

The secret of good parties
lies within their zing.
Who enjoys a party
that never quite takes wing?

The soda pop has all gone flat,
The wine being decanted?
Everyone who tasted it
thereafter soon recanted.

From this dreadful party,
we all beg prompt respite.
What could possibly happen
to address our stressful plight?

I’ve wasted this new outfit
that makes me look so thin,
for it’s identical to one
 our party giver’s in!!

The music is all polkas
and the orchestra’s off-key.
What will be the next disaster?
I cannot bear to see.

I see that last thought’s irony
as I flick off the light,
grab my coat, slip out the door,
and vanish in the night.

The prompt words today are identical, respite, lies and lackluster. Here are the links:
FOWC with Fandango — Respite

23 thoughts on “Premature Departure

    1. lifelessons Post author

      So sorry for you. I had hoped at least a few had made it so far without experiencing one. Actually, to be truthful, none pops readily to mind and why ruin a good thing?


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