222 and Going with the Flow

222 and Going with the Flow

For the past few months, the number 222 keeps repeatedly showing up in my life. Yesterday it was my ending number of views. Today, I just looked at stats at the exact time that it hit 222 views, and strangely enough, this has happened at least 3 other times this week, purely by accident. I was never aware that I was close to this number when I looked. Finally, for the fun of it, I did some research on the number 222 and here are quotes from several different numerology sites: 

222 represents faith and trust. 222 signifies that one’s life is in a favorable state for finding balance. … The number 222 is a sign to have faith in how life is unfolding. Something positively significant could happen if there is trust in the self, the inner desires, and one’s life purpose.

The occurrence of 222 represents the need to bring people together in relationships of great impact (whether they be existing relationships or ones just starting to grow), especially our relationships with family members.

However, this number could arouse nervous energy since many choose to ignore their capacity for doing greater things.

The number 222 is a sign to have faith in how life is unfolding. Something positively significant could happen if there is trust in the self, the inner desires, and one’s life purpose. Continuing down a successful path may require a little extra effort.

Having an effect on mankind is a goal of 222, and there is a strong desire for everything to be perfect.

Groups of repeating numbers have been called cosmic signals, ways of informing someone that an area of life needs attention whether it be to fill in something that is missing or reduce the frequency of something all too prevalent. (This is especially true of 222 since 2 is all about balance.)

At various times over the past few years, I’ve written blogs about the role of synchronicity in my life and even shared a video where I spoke on this subject 9 years ago.

I first became aware of the impact of intuition when a dream caused me to quit my job, sell my house, put all my worldly goods into storage and to take off to write and to see what the rest of my life would hold when I let loose of rationality and let intuition be my guide. (You can read my account of this life-changing decision as I wrote of it in Chicken Soup for the Soul.) Since that time, it has led me into some amazing adventures and much variety. I can’t help but think that life is once again nudging me and I’m trying to let loose and go with the flow again. We’ll see what happens.

6 thoughts on “222 and Going with the Flow

  1. slmret

    This is fascinating — I’ve never studied numerology, but the message of your dream is definitely a signal that you are ready for some sort of life change! Your intuition is really strong right now, leading you to look at your stats just at the right time! It will be interesting to see what comes next!


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    What sort of flow are you considering? Just curious. I consider these days ‘going with the flow’ means fixing the plumbing so the toilets keep flushing. That’s a flow, right? Also, taking pictures of rivers, because they also flow.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      A bit less time blogging. More time meeting new people and spending time with present and past friends. More time at home. Writing the book. I wish losing weight and getting more fit. Finding the time to compile some poetry books..staying open to change.



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