Deep Voice



Deep Voice

The stranger on an airplane in the seat next to me
never said a single word, and so I let her be
until our arrival, when I prepared to stand
and she produced a paperback—put it in my hand.

“It’s time for you to read this,” she said, then went away.
I didn’t say a word to her. Didn’t know what to say.
That book, however, changed my life and attitude and choices—
encouraged me to listen close to interior voices.

Buscaglia, Jampolsky and all of Carl Jung’s books
drew my mind away from appearances and looks
and into that finer world of instinct and of mind;
then drew me westward to the sea and others of my kind.

After a writer’s function, a stranger sent to me
“The Process of Intuition,” which I read from A to Z.
I read it twenty times or so, then sent it to a friend.
Then bought up every copy left to give as gifts and lend.

I don’t remember talking to the one who sent it to me,
but if I need a proof of faith, I guess that this will do me.
For I believe there is some force that draws the next thing through me
and if I follow instincts that hint and prod and clue me,

they are the truths that guide me on the path towards the new me.
The signs are there in all our lives if we choose to see.
No, I don’t believe a God guides our destinies.
I don’t believe in lifelines or spirits within trees.

I don’t believe in any faith that has a name or church.
I do believe, however, that I’m guided in my search
by something that unites us and sets our pathways right
so long as we listen to our own interior sight

that urges us to follow the right side of our brain
even though those choices are logically inane.
I know that it takes many types of brains to run the world,
but for me it’s intuition that when carefully unfurled

guides me best—towards art and words and unplanned days and oceans
and prompts me make a Bible of what others may call notions.
And so to simplify I’d say that I must have faith in
that voice we’re all a part of that speaks to us from within.


If you haven’t already viewed it, Word Press would not let me link to their Weekly Photo site yesterday, so please view also:

This is a rewrite of a post from four years ago. The prompt today was simplify.

9 thoughts on “Deep Voice

  1. rugby843

    Good advice. Btw, I tried commenting on the other two, the tip and count but it went to a blank space! But I wanted to say I hope it’s me because I’m always tipping something over!😂 And congrats!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      See the present post, Cheryl. I misread and it was actually 128 views short, so I took the post down and thought I’d post it again when it got to 28, but the next time I looked, it had passed the mark..So we’re gonna say you and Dolly tied for the 500,000th viewer since you were the only ones who even viewed the announcements before I took them down. So, you get to tell me how to celebrate. Just don’t make me eat fish, please!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      It is out of print and she has since passed away. I still have a copy somewhere and when I get home if I can find it, I’ll try to make a copy for you. Just as I was going to type the name of the author, my mind went blank. It’ll come back and I’ll tell you..ah Virginia Burden was the author.


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