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72 Down, 40 to Go

My 72nd Birthday highlights included a trip to the other side of the lake to scope out a site for our next writers’ retreat. Amelia drove Harriet and me over to the incredibly beautiful lakeside resort where they made us a deal we couldn’t turn down, so in November, eight of us will journey back for a lovely three days of writing under the tutelage of Judy Reeves, a wonderful workshop leader from San Diego, CA, who has been herding us together and getting us in line for three-day retreats for the past five years. The resort director treated us to breakfast and a tour. Only one other table was filled in the dining room–with a couple and their toddler son, who was kept busy with a ziplock bag full of tiny cars.

I left at 9:00 and was home by noon to survey the $60 worth of plants I had bought for my own birthday present to myself. I’d laid the main grouping of seven plants out for Pasiano to plant in my front garden in a large metal chest 30″ X 20″ X 22″ and left the rest of the zinnias, dusty miller and kalanchoe for him to plant as he wished. Here are the flowers I had arranged for him to plant:

And here is one of his arrangements of dusty miller and zinnias which I love:


At 2:30, Pepe came by for our usual Wednesday massage session. I worked on a story I’m doing for a local magazine, fed the canine and feline troops and was off to meet Sandy for dinner at 6.

When we arrived at the restaurant in Ajijic, a young couple with baby was sitting at the next table. Since I was facing them, I watched their interactions with interest. With this morning’s family that I had observed in the resort an hour or more away from Ajijic, the mother had spent most of the time dealing with the toddler, but I noted with satisfaction that with this family, the father was doing most of the care-taking. It wasn’t until they brought out a ziplock bag of tiny cars for him to play with that I realized it was the same family! What are the chances? Not only were we over an hour away from where we had last seen them, but out of the 100 or so restaurants in Ajijic, we had not only picked the same one again, but were at neighboring tables!

Soon another family took the table that formed a rectangle with our table and that of the young couple and their son. They had a little girl of about the same age. I noted how well-behaved she was and her doting parents and grandparents, but it wasn’t until the end of the meal when they brought out a plate of cupcakes with candles that I realized she, too, was celebrating her birthday! Earlier I had greeted the other family and noted I’d been at the same resort as them that morning for breakfast. Now I had to go over and ask the other family how old their baby was. When they said 2, I admitted that it was my birthday as well, but that I had 70 years head start on her. We chatted a bit and I returned to my table, but when they left the restaurant, they presented me with a cupcake to celebrate our mutual birthday. Very sweet, both the action and the cupcake.  Here is my friend Sandy who treated me to my birthday dinner with the cupcake which she insisted I take home, which I did, and that I have since enjoyed:


Thanks for all the good wishes from present and long-ago friends.  A lovely, laid-back casual birthday. xoxoxoxo

222 and Going with the Flow

222 and Going with the Flow

For the past few months, the number 222 keeps repeatedly showing up in my life. Yesterday it was my ending number of views. Today, I just looked at stats at the exact time that it hit 222 views, and strangely enough, this has happened at least 3 other times this week, purely by accident. I was never aware that I was close to this number when I looked. Finally, for the fun of it, I did some research on the number 222 and here are quotes from several different numerology sites: 

222 represents faith and trust. 222 signifies that one’s life is in a favorable state for finding balance. … The number 222 is a sign to have faith in how life is unfolding. Something positively significant could happen if there is trust in the self, the inner desires, and one’s life purpose.

The occurrence of 222 represents the need to bring people together in relationships of great impact (whether they be existing relationships or ones just starting to grow), especially our relationships with family members.

However, this number could arouse nervous energy since many choose to ignore their capacity for doing greater things.

The number 222 is a sign to have faith in how life is unfolding. Something positively significant could happen if there is trust in the self, the inner desires, and one’s life purpose. Continuing down a successful path may require a little extra effort.

Having an effect on mankind is a goal of 222, and there is a strong desire for everything to be perfect.

Groups of repeating numbers have been called cosmic signals, ways of informing someone that an area of life needs attention whether it be to fill in something that is missing or reduce the frequency of something all too prevalent. (This is especially true of 222 since 2 is all about balance.)

At various times over the past few years, I’ve written blogs about the role of synchronicity in my life and even shared a video where I spoke on this subject 9 years ago.

I first became aware of the impact of intuition when a dream caused me to quit my job, sell my house, put all my worldly goods into storage and to take off to write and to see what the rest of my life would hold when I let loose of rationality and let intuition be my guide. (You can read my account of this life-changing decision as I wrote of it in Chicken Soup for the Soul.) Since that time, it has led me into some amazing adventures and much variety. I can’t help but think that life is once again nudging me and I’m trying to let loose and go with the flow again. We’ll see what happens.

Cowboy Identity Revealed––and with A Twist!!!

Earlier this week, I published a poem about cowboys and illustrated it with a photo of three cowboys that I took on the street during the 100th anniversary parade of the little town I grew up in in South Dakota.  I had no idea who they were, but today I received this communication on my Facebook page that not only identified two of the handsome young cowboys, but which also informed me of an unusual twist of fate concerning the identity of one of the cowboys.  Here is that Facebook conversation with Wayne Esmay, who still lives in (or near) my hometown of Murdo, South Dakota:

Judy Dykstra-Brown Does anyone know who these Jones Co. cowboys are?
Wayne Esmay On Left: Craig McKenzie
On Right: Chauncey Labrier
Center: ?
Judy Dykstra-Brown Thanks, Wayne. Is Craig related to Mackie McKenzie or Evelyn McKenzie? Trying to think of any other McKenzies I knew…

Judy Dykstra-Brown And are you Vickie’s brother?

Wayne Esmay Yes, I am Vicki’s oldest brother. My dad’s name was also Wayne.
Craig McKenzie is the son of Chester, and who is the son of Bud McKenzie. Bud was Macky McKenzies brother.
Chauncey Labrier is the son of Larry Labrier, who now is the owner & resident of your dad’s ranch and home place.
Small world, Isn’t it!

Judy Dykstra-Brown How ironic. Thanks so much, Wayne. I’m going to copy your comment into my blog. Your sister Vicki visited me in Australia and I believe I was the Sunday school teacher of your youngest sister (Wanda?) who was an adorable little girl. I also remember your mother, Margie, well. We had some connection when I was a little girl. Did she stay with the Brosts when she went to high school? Trying to jog my memory. I remember she was an older girl that I admired.

Note from Judy:  My father’s ranch has been resold several times since its first sale in the late 1960’s and I had no idea who the present owner was.  It is so ironic that the one photo I took of people on the street after the parade should be the son of the present owner.


Letting the Fish Guide the Way



Letting the Fish Guide the Way

I have a side that is concise. It likes to plan and learn,
but it’s a side that I have found I sometimes have to spurn
to follow something else in me that doesn’t know quite where
it may next be going, and doesn’t really care.

Fate is a fish I follow: brilliant, sleek and swift.
It isn’t anything I’ve earned. It’s simply fortune’s gift.
If I give up and follow, the currents that it chooses
lead to healing waters that soothe my cuts and bruises.

I follow where it it leads me, sometimes swimming blind,
dealing with what ‘s dealt to me, working with what I find,
moving through life’s currents, living from day-to-day.
It works to turn the radar off. The fish can lead the way.

The prompt words today are fish, concise and learn. Thanks to my husband Bob whose line  in a poem “letting the fish guide the way” I have borrowed.


Who Walks into Your Life


Some force that is called Karma by some, fate, coincidence or synchronicity by others, and God, Allah or The Great Spirit by others, determines who walks into your life. But it’s up to you to decide whom you let walk away, whom you let stay, or whom you refuse to let go.


IMG_1266The prompt today was  coincidence.



Those who count on karma to bring about their luck
might do better to depend on industry and pluck.
Carry your ambition ready in its holster,
for things like synchronicity are only meant to bolster.
Get an education, in school and in life.
Knowing what you’re doing can alleviate much strife.
Exercise due caution, but do not let fear stop you.
What you’re meant to stand on is not meant to top you.
Watch out for the blind curves and watch out for loose gravel
as you take the wheel to drive on roads you want to travel.


The prompt today is “pluck.”
I’m also using this for Cee’s https://ceenphotography.com/cees-challenges/cees-which-way-challenge/

What Lesson Have I Learned?


Five minutes after I posted my last blog (which, along with yesterday’s blog post, dealt with mortality) when I was going to see a sick friend and giving Yolanda a ride to her next job,  I ran head-on into a concrete wall and totaled my car.  The engine caught fire and my door was jammed, as was the door of my passenger.  We got one window open, finally, and then it occurred to me there was an override on the passenger door, so I clicked it and we both escaped.

Luckily my gardener was here and he drove me to my doctor’s  office.  I was afraid to move at all until someone showed me how to do so without risking damaging my spine, which was pretty excruciating by now. When after 5 minutes no one came out to help me, (It’s an emergency, Yolanda told them, and they answered that the doctor was with another patient!) I told Pasiano just to drive on to the Red Cross where with some effort and lots of pain and a back brace, I got out of the back seat of Pasiano’s car. (The front door doesn’t open.)

The X-ray tech and the on-call dr. showed me the X-rays, said there was a severe displacement of the spine and that they were calling in a neurosurgeon.  Only then did I start to panic a small bit.  “Breathe slowly,” I told myself and tried to go into a meditative state.  Meanwhile, Yolanda unbeknownst to me, had left with my purse to go try to find my friend Audrey, who lives more than a mile away and who wasn’t answering her phone. It had been clear to me that when I called both her home and cell phone with no answer that she was probably at a rehearsal and definitely not at home, but Yolanda hadn’t consulted me regarding her decision and unfortunately, my insurance info was inside my purse and I didn’t have any numbers to call to tell me which hospital to go to in Guad. and what neurosurgeon they’d recommend.

A half hour later the surgeon arrived to tell me no surgery was necessary and that all of the places that hurt were just pulled or strained muscles or organs.  He gave me two sets of little pills which I couldn’t take until I got home and had food to take them with.

Five hours since the collision event, the claims adjustor is here. He has affirmed the fact that my car is probably totalled. But . . . call me lucky.  In addition to my sore neck and back, I  hurt all over, have a seat belt burn from my shoulder, down my breast and to my waist, a severely bruised abdomen and stomach and two knees that don’t bend too well,  but it will all mend.  Five days in bed, the doctor instructed, and two of those little pills morning and night for seven days.  Having taken one an hour or two ago, I am feeling floaty and I’m sure the adjustor thinks I’m flirting with him, but it is one of those little pills that is flirting with him if anyone/anything is! As the Raquet Club security arrives, and the guy with the fancy tow truck, I continue to babble on. Nothing like little magic pills to help one take such matters in stride. He seems to be enjoying it.  I speak to him in Spanish and he answers in English!

Click first photo to see captions and enlarge photos. You’ll never know why the virgin is in these pictures if  you don’t read the captions!

okcforgottenman tells me he’s had an uneasy feeling all day since reading my poem. Coupled with the one I wrote yesterday, he had a premonition that something was about to happen.  I can only say that if it had to happen, I’m so glad it happened in this particular way, where no one was hurt except my car and me.  Something like this has to reaffirm the importance of this wonderful gift of life.

What walks on two legs and is black and blue all over?  Me, until I get my rental car in up to 5 days.  Since I’m supposed to stay in bed until then, I guess it’s no loss.

The daily prompt today is adrift