What We Must Do

What We Must Do

I take an inventory of my heart.
There is nurture there,
and some peace,
but when I think about
the jealous nature of our world, 
a bit of it nestled, I must admit,
in me as well,
I worry about the heart of all of us,

for surely the hate and greed that jealousy seeds
is somehow fostered by us all,
no matter how much we protest it.

Where has putting up with this greed brought us?
Children are taken from their parents
and kept in cages in our country.

What can we do save protesting on Facebook?
Are we willing to face the guns
of those whose salaries we pay
to risk saving the children ourselves?

Weak children of our century,
we have to brandish our voting pens like swords.
They are our weapons.
Our agents for nourishing our souls.

The prompts for today are peace, inventory, nurture and jealous.

7 thoughts on “What We Must Do

  1. slmret

    This is so timely — in predawn hours tomorrow, ICE will round up a number of families in 10 cities to deport them. We are being told that they are targeting those who have defied previous deportation orders, and that parents will be given an option to take their kids with them or not. In the LA area, it ‘s to be about 150 families. I think if I had a deportation order, or even perhaps without, I would have gone into hiding last night to avoid this roundup! Yes — the ballot is critical to resolving this cruelty!


    1. slmret

      NEWS UPDATE — The Pres has delayed this ICE activity for 2 weeks. I wonder what has happened that he’s reversed his impulses so often in the last month or so!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I can’t either, Marilyn. I burst into tears at a table in a restaurant today just talking about it with friends. I do know it isn’t enough to rail against what is happening. Someone needs to come up with a solution.



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