High Finance

High Finance

Dabble in the market? I’d do so if  I could,
but to instigate investment? I fear I never would.
I prefer my piggy bank. I save my loose change there.
Never have I broken it. I really wouldn’t dare.
I have it on a high shelf next to a crystal prism.
To get the money out, I’d have to create such a schism
that I could  never fix  it, so I just don’t have the heart.
I prefer my piggy bank as a work of art.
The value that’s within it I find is secondary.
I’ll just use my credit card at the Cash and Carry!

Prompt words for today are schism, instigate, dabble, unlikely and could.

5 thoughts on “High Finance

  1. slmret

    I save all my loose change because over time it gets too heavy to carry! About once a year, I open the jar it’s in and find about $250-300! I love the piggy bank — I have one of a similar ilk that I won’t ever break!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes..It has a plug in the bottom, actually. But, the slot on top is longer than the width of the plug so I had to drill out a slot extension on either side of the plug so I could remove the 10 pesos coins.

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