Dental Intermissions

Image from Pinterest.

Dental Intermissions                                  

There’s nothing quite so fundamental
when it comes to matters dental
as the fact that teeth gone missing
mar the esthetics of kissing.

It’s doubtful that a dental gap
would land a lass upon the lap
of any lad whose reminiscing
will be done with s’s hissing.

Potential lovers tend to hate
suitors of the toothless state.
Better they should duplicate
those teeth that happened to vacate

those facial places deep inside
the mouths wherein they should reside.
Teeth should be natives of the jaws
that reside within the maws

of suitors that might deign to woo—
to hug and kiss and bill and coo.

In short, what lass does less than censure
a suitor who forgets his denture?


Prompt words today are missing, duplicate, native, fundamental and doubtful.

26 thoughts on “Dental Intermissions

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Dolly, after a night soaking in the fridge, the cake is actually good, although next time I’ll poke it all over with a skewer to make sure the rum and sugar solution soaks in evenly. Or perhaps if I take it out in time it won’t reuire a soaking solution! Please tell Grandma. She probably pays closer attention to you than to me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. koolkosherkitchen

        Next time I visit her graveside in Philadelphia, I will definitely tell her. That should be in about three weeks, actually.
        I am glad the cake is now edible, and yes, had you not overbaked it, it would’ve been fine. See, you could be a baker, if you want to!


      2. koolkosherkitchen

        P.S. As to paying attention, at some point in my life I had a prolonged stay in a hospital with an undiagnosed condition that ended in surgery. Meanwhile, I was staying in a room for 16, and that was luxury arranged with a bribe because there were patients on cots in the hallways. My Grandmother would bring me kosher food every day, but she just couldn’t leave the other 15 ladies eating miserable Russian hospital food, so every day she cooked for 16, plus some treats for nurses and orderlies, and shlepped it to the other side of the city. She listens to everyone!



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