Payback Rhythms

Payback Rhythms

The rhythm of the world as it tears us all asunder
is of hurricane and fire, rain and wind and thunder.
Fissures, ashes, ruins waterlogged and crumbled—
all advances of mankind his foolishness has tumbled.
What we do to it it does right back to us.
This scientific fact is not so nebulous.


Prompt words today are nebulous, fissure, sunder and rhythm. With the exception of the UPI photo of the hurricane, all photos taken by me. Click on any photo to enlarge all. Please give photos a few seconds to load and focus.

9 thoughts on “Payback Rhythms

      1. slmret

        Oh, good — I have thought of you this past week, but thought you are farther south than the Pacific storms. Glad to know they are not current photos! They definitely paint a picture of the effects of climate change!



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