H-e-e-e-re’s Donald!

samantha-sophia-8bLGxhsR8sY-unsplashImage by Samanta Sabina on Unsplash, used with permission

H-e-e-e-re’s Donald!

Our nation’s growing jittery. It seems our ruler’s broken.
In the land of liberty, freedom is just a token.
Surrounded by his family, his fumbling words are brisk.
He issues crazy edicts, putting the world at risk.
As he pens crude letters to men of more distinction,
we cower in our houses. fearing mass extinction.
He poo-poos all our scientists. The climate’s doing fine.
Who cares if the whole planet is headed for decline?
Glaciers swiftly melting. Forest fires raging.
He overlooks the hurricanes, intent upon his caging.
Children are the biggest risk, so he sends them packing.
Makes military decisions with very little backing.
On his situation comedy played on the largest screen,
he spins out the same old story: our country has grown mean.

Prompt words for today are broken, ruler, jittery, brisk and family.

15 thoughts on “H-e-e-e-re’s Donald!

  1. Relax...

    Very apt poem. As could be seen last time, the popular vote means too little, but Trump is slowly losing his electoral college states (and some more of his base), so, here’s hoping we will not be saddled with this menace for 4 more years, because if the Gov doesn’t want to take him down with impeachment, I can’t imagine what Democrat would beat him or what Republican could seriously challenge him.


  2. slmret

    All his Cabinet are beginning to back off — I loved Mattis’ comeback to being called overrated — he and Meryl Streep — pretty good company! My guess is that he will be impeached (charged) by Thanksgiving, but the Senate will either stall or delay OR not convict him. The Dems have a real problem, but I don’t think Pence would run or be elected, and everybody else will be in jail! This last week has been awful!



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