Beau of the Fifth Column and Climate Change

Forgottenman posted a video of Beau talking about a new report on climate change on his blog last night, and I think this video is probably the most important thing anyone could post right now. I hope you will watch it over on FM’s blog HERE.

16 thoughts on “Beau of the Fifth Column and Climate Change

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Dang. And I was having a good day until I saw that too. I have a neighbor who is a rig driver for a nationally based food company. He drives produce, frozen foods, and fresh vegetables (like potatoes) around the north west. He told me, some time last year, that the company he works for predicts that in TWENTY (not fifty) years, fresh vegetables (and thereby frozen ones) will become very scarce. Perhaps from the things Beau listed, but there will be a massive food shortage. And (to me) the Apocalypse begins. Personally, IF all this is true (and who can argue with DOD and scientists? Not me) I’m confused as to why ‘they’ still refuse to allow people to opt for elective suicide. I don’t want to be around to witness the coming horror. I won’t survive anyway. Thanks Judy for sharing a wake up call that the sensible person needs to pay attention to.

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  3. slmret

    My comment forwarded from FM’s post last night:
    It’s already happening! At this moment there are upwards of 2 million people in California whose power has been turned off because the grid has deteriorated and cannot sustain the need. Consequences: real or potential, include discarding of food, lack of air conditioning, use of fire producing means (candles, campfires, generators) to produce light cook food, and provide power for other ‘needs.’ This is a serious issue!

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      1. slmret

        It’s a tough one. The power companies are already Bk, and could go under if any of this week’s fires are blamed on them. The State can’t afford to take it over. The onus then lies on the rate-payers — ugh! The governor is taking a good hard look at it all, but has made the comment that it would take 10 years to insulate 500 miles of power lines — think that would fix it? I don’t know what the solution is — perhaps a time machine to take us back to the 60’s and start over again from there?!


            1. slmret

              You and I do think alike! Since the controversy over turning power off, I’ve been thinking that solar would be a good solution, because it’s clean and reliable, etc — and truly solar-powered homes can have batteries to store the excess, eliminating the need for a grid at all! We’d still have to pay for the Bk on the old stuff, but at least we wouldn’t be generating more power-driven fires.


  4. Marilyn Armstrong

    I think we really need the RIGHT president. Because the single most important issue in the world is the world. Medicare, unemployment, immigration … none of that will make any difference if the world we know and love isn’t here for us or the animals and people and children we care for.

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