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I Pledge Allegiance…

Another great short talk by Beau thanks to Forgottenman.

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Carey Wedler, a cohort of Beau of the Fifth Column, shows us what the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance looks like when you remove the chaff:
Beau, as you might expect (if you recall my past postings of his rants) has a wonderful follow-up critique:

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Beau Outlines Trump’s Campaign Strategy and Why It May Work

I know. It’s depressing and the temptation is to just live your life and turn off the news, but if you watch or read just one more piece on the upcoming election, please let it be this one–whatever side of the fence you are on.

Beau of the Fifth Column and Climate Change

Forgottenman posted a video of Beau talking about a new report on climate change on his blog last night, and I think this video is probably the most important thing anyone could post right now. I hope you will watch it over on FM’s blog HERE.

Beau of the Fifth Column on Homeland Security

No matter how much we want to bury our heads in the sand, it grows ever more important that we don’t.

Forgottenman has Beau’s latest speech on how scary things are getting in our nation. No matter what side of the issue you are on, you need to hear his talk HERE.