On the Subject of Cracking Knuckles


On the Subject of Cracking Knuckles

Please don’t snap your bones at me. 
I cringe, I plug my ears, I plea.
If you must make noise with body parts,
please stick to  burping, coughs or farts.
Since popping sounds tend to astound me,
Do not crack knuckles when around me!



I do not like that brittle sound,
so please don’t crack your bones around!

For the dVerse Poets prompt “crack.” For Quadrille Monday.

26 thoughts on “On the Subject of Cracking Knuckles

  1. Riverside Peace

    Ok. I won’t. aww but it does help relieve the arthritis pain. And no, it doesn’t cause arthritis. My doctor said if my fingers lock, a good cracking will help and it does.

    I agree though it’s a horrible sound. In private is best.

    Cool little poem.


  2. Rob Kistner

    I like the lightheartedness of this piece Judy. My 6-year-old grandson can crack his knuckles and snap his fingers as loud as gunshots. Little guy loves to sneak up and hit me with a barrage of bone cracking and snapping. He laughs when I jump! 🙂



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