Raw Truth

Raw Truth

Some think this holy gift of life should be lived as austere,
while others make a game of it, maintaining that it’s clear
that life’s to be enjoyed in all its possibilities,
and so as long as no one’s harmed, you should live it as you please.

Still others think life consists of all that you can glean.
Leaving nothing for the others, they pick the landscape clean.
Prone to public office, they’re suffused with artifice,
content that the dull masses will not see their avarice.

Considering their blindness, do folks get what they deserve—
growing ever leaner as the masters that they serve—
the very ones who should serve them get rich and ever fatter—
focused on the truth that they’re the only ones who matter?

The prompts today are clear, holy, austere and game.

10 thoughts on “Raw Truth

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    There are far too many people who’s concept of “a good life” is to pick every apple from the tree and then wonder why no more trees will grow. We suffer from collective greed. I often think “the American Dream” is nothing more than “the Dream of Greedy Americans.” That’s what the dream is. To get more and when you’ve gotten more, to get EVEN more.


      1. Marilyn Armstrong

        For many people, the acquisition of more and more goods is not nearly as satisfying as it is supposed to be. By the time you’ve acquired the basics — a house, a car, some nice furniture, clothing, and all the appropriate devices and toys — and you still feel hollow inside, what do you do? It can be a prod to improve life for some people, but for many it’s the beginning of a long slide down. Maybe we need to redefine success.

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