Cyber Tragedy

Cyber Tragedy

Much as they wished that she would wander, their child was otiose,
Glued to her computer, growing tissue adipose.
They wistfully imagined a life where they were free
to wander on their own in perpetuity.
In vain her parents waited, but their freedom never came.
They watched her eat and then begin one more computer game.
Her mother darned her hose and her father worked to feed her.
If she were a plant, there is no doubt that they would weed her.
They’d raised a human vegetable, capable of more.
If only they had earlier rushed her out the door!


Prompts today are hose, wander, wait, wistful and otiose.

5 thoughts on “Cyber Tragedy

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Or limited online time! We weren’t allowed to watch television at all during the week and only for an hour on Saturday and Friday nights. So we read books. We went out to play. We didn’t have a choice. I did the same with Owen, but because he was a restless reader, i made him write me a book report a week because we were in Israel and I needed him to remember how to write in English — somehow I knew he was going home one day and he would need it. He still reads more than watching. It’s a hard stand to take these days, but if you don’t, they develop bad habits that can be really hard to break. Ironically, I picked up computers at work. That’s what you get for working in the hi tech industry — as a writer 🙂

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