This, Too?


This, Too?

In planning for a place remote,
considering a life afloat.
I might collaborate with friends
so we can meet communal ends
planning out a scheme for life
far away from pain and strife.

We’d set a mutual course on seas
far away from the disease
that snakes its way as it might please.

And having learned our lesson well,
we’d escape this landlocked Hell
and float in colonies off shore,
keeping at least  ten feet or more
apart until the curse was through
and we could start our lives anew.

But, alas, I have no yacht
and a sailor I am not,
So my sailing schemes are shot!

Instead, I’ll sail a sea of dreams
and face the threat landlocked, it seems!
So don’t drop in for a small visit.
A social life’s not healthy, is it?
I’ll pass my social life alone
chatting on the telephone

attired in my sleeping togs,
stroking the cats, patting the dogs,
communicating on my blogs

with all the humans I have left.
in a sequestered world bereft
of face-to-face and hip-to-hip,
let alone of lip-to-lip!!
This too shall pass, optimists say.
The world will see a brighter day.

We’ve survived aids, the plague and SARS,
global warming (so far) and cars.
We’re the universe’s superstars.

Prompt words today are remote, collaborate, lesson, course and snake.

Strangely enough, no matter how many times I center this poem, every other stanza wants to separate itself from the stanzas that precede and follow it. Strangely enough, it echoes the theme, so instead of trying to center it for the third time, I am just going to leave it as is.

19 thoughts on “This, Too?

  1. SueW

    Getting to know you better, I am enjoying the way you write, I wished
    I had your talent.

    We can meet up in our gardens (yard) just so long as we keep that 2 metres (6ft +) apart. and wash our hands again and again!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Sue..Yes.. I’ve been talking to my neighbors over our tall garden wall. The other day I was walking back from the hammock and an arc of water came over the wall and hit me directly on the head! My neighbor watering. He said I was too quiet and he didn’t realize I was there, Guess I need to take a pan and a metal spoon out with me the next time I venture out too close to the wall.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Debbie, it is pretty much like everywhere else. Smart people have stocked up on food and disinfectant and are staying home. Some expats are flying home. I’m staying put as I have for 19 years. Schools closed, restaurants closing, events cancelled, even parks, weekly outside markets and some beaches closed. There are doubters, conspiracy theorists, those who insist on carrying on their lives as though nothing has changed, but most are curtailing contact with others as much as possible. I am staying home alone and venturing out only for vital supplies.

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  2. koolkosherkitchen

    I wish we still had our sailboat – I miss it… This very unusual main sail on your photo is red. There is a famous Russian novel “The Scarlet Sails.” Our boat had regular white sails, but we called it Alye Parusa – The Scarlet Sails.

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