Piscine Phobia

Piscine Phobia

I don’t eat salmon, don’t eat flounder.
I prefer my protein rounder—
chicken, roasts or food like that.
Fish is too fishy and too flat.

Tuna mixed with soup and noodle,
I despise kit and caboodle!
Nothing could persuade me that
I should eat food fit for a cat.

I won’t eat food grown in a swamp,
so crabs and clams I never chomp.

No protein caught by motor boat
will ever pass my teeth and throat.

When dinner parties serve up chowder,
I’m likely to just take a powder.
I simply can’t take the suspense
of what fish lurks in soup so dense.

So if you want to plan a treat
that I will find the nerve to eat,
once again, I must repeat,
forget the lobster. Give me meat!!

Words for today are flounder, suspense, nothing, swamped and motor.

24 thoughts on “Piscine Phobia

  1. slmret

    I’m lucky that I love fish — I can eat chicken, some turkey, and some fishes, but no seafood or red meat or beans. Chicken and salmon make the basis for a pretty good diet!


  2. annieasksyou

    “Give me meat,” the woman pleads,
    But I must turn aside;
    A bloody steak, a fatty slab
    Will make my gorge uprise.
    “No mammals” is my credo;
    I find it tough enough
    To eat a little Nemo
    From seas serene or rough.
    I used to love my bacon,
    But now a baby pig
    Reminds me I’m more comfortable
    Just chewing on a fig.

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  3. Fandango

    You’re missing out if you don’t eat the bounty from the sea.
    The nearly perfect food, take it from me.
    Mmm, sushi, such a delight.
    And then there’s salmon, black cod, and Chilean sea bass, just right.
    Chesapeake blue crabs and Maine lobster, oh my.
    You should give them all a try.

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