Good Riddance?

Good Riddance

They’re trying to railroad us, set us adrift
so we’ll never close this incredible rift.
They’ll write our obituaries, every one
It started the day that reason was done .
We surrendered control to the men who let cash
prompt their decisions most foolish and rash.

The delicate balance of nature upended,
they pillaged the earth until it grew offended
and began to fight back through hurricanes, fire,
droughts, floods, marine deaths and then acts more dire.
When all these disasters failed to inspire us,
her weapon became the coronavirus.

Now they flounder on, our greedy politicians,
less leaders than they are our nation’s morticians.
They stew about markets, fuss over the Dow.
As ever, cash profits are their sacred cow.
While those who must vote to try to defeat them
are all prisoners of home with no way to unseat them.

Can you not see the end with wildlife in the streets,
stampeding down pavement, their hollow hoof beats
like drums that announce humanity’s end?
What messages might they possibly send?
The earth isn’t dependent on mankind to thrive.
When we are long gone, nature will survive.  

Words for the day are delicate, dependent, obituary, adrift and railroad.

Animals Invade Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home.
Read the Story Here:


13 thoughts on “Good Riddance?


    Oh so true, the way I have been feeling today, I can only hope that we will wake up and finally realize that the real problems are overpopulation, greed, and foolish people who think that a 1500 year old book, with ancient beliefs and ordained by a self centered King, is the only answer. (re: that Louisiana preacher and his dumb followers) or self centered leaders, taking care only of their own.

    Maybe there is hope yet, but until we see the real problem, maybe we will be seeing the lemming effect that nature takes, and this may be the answer we must live with, when birth control would be much easier, more humane, and people speaking out about the “me first generation”, as the answer.

    Yes I am intelligent enough to wash my hands several times a day, no longer use public transportation or places, keep my distance from others, and even do not pet stray cats, but for every one that does this, there are so many that do not. It is almost like the old safe sex thing but in a different way and unfortunately not as much fun.

    Bet Sasquatch does not have this problem yet, but even he is being pushed too far~!

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  2. slmret

    It’s amazing how badly nature has treated us for our follies! We need the elections to happen — and to happen quickly so that we can turn this horror around and get back to the good that people have done over the past few decades!

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  3. Christine Goodnough

    Reading your first two paragraphs I had to think, “History in a nutshell.”
    We were reading up on the Black Plague over dinner. It appears greedy, merciless rulers inciting revolts & wars, plus natural disasters and various viruses sweeping over, have been doing their bit to wipe out mankind through the ages. One fact I recall from past research: During several years of famine circa 1500 one-third of the population of Finland disappeared.


  4. lifelessons Post author

    Unfortunately, I don’t think those in power are ever going to see the correlation. All they care about is their pocketbooks. And none of their flunkies are holding them to account for it.


  5. Reflections of an Untidy Mind

    I mentioned to someone else that I feel like I’ve entered this dream-like state, where the animals, birds and plants have been freed of constraint while we humans are now trapped by the weight of our own ambitions. This picture is a perfect example of that, Judy.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          If you can’t find it, I’ll send a link..Right now I get the message that Facebook is broken! Weird. Don’t know where it came from. It came on as I was trying to find the link again..

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