Wake up Before it is Too Late!!!

Federal Government knew about the Corona Virus breakout and what effect it would have on the U.S. as early as November. Read about it here. People, we need a head of government who knows what he is doing and who is not just a media star!  Open your eyes. Your life and the existence of the world is at stake in this and other matters. Research says that pollution helped to spread the virus. Listen to the scientists, not a reality “star.”


12 thoughts on “Wake up Before it is Too Late!!!


    Good morning Judy,
    Thanks for this post, this subject is on my mind all day. I try not to let get into that blog, but it slips through when I can’t stand it. You would see much more of what is on my mind on my Facebook. It is under marion couvillion. As you know I am rather wordy. and never “re-post” anything unless it is checked and true but I mostly comment on current events.

    Now how do I get my car in the shop and find a way back home, the car rental place near by is closed and I can not ask a friend to pick me up.


  2. JoHanna Massey

    These are indeed some extremely challenging times. My hope is you and your family remain safe. As for that badly needed ‘wake up’? If a global plague and pestilence won’t do I wonder what will? Take care.


  3. rugby843

    Agreed! But you wont be hearing that from the new press secretary, let’s see, number 20?? It’s mind boggling how he just fires people all the time and hires his cronies or relatives. The latest I read was a January warning he ignored and it’s all in black and white and video how he refused to acknowledge it.

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