Plumbing the Depths

Plumbing the Depths

They call him the professor because of his great wit.
Everything he says has perspicacity in it!
The way he wrangles words should be no great surprise,
for he’s a modern Shakespeare in a plumber’s rough disguise.
Once he unplugs your loo, he is not finished, but instead
he shares a legendary quip to clear out his own head.

Word prompts for the day are: perspiscacity, wrangle, surprise, legendary and professor

8 thoughts on “Plumbing the Depths

  1. Dianne Morrow

    Hi Judy, I’m terry-eyed after reading your Patchwork, but grinning now about Plumbing the Depths. Reminds me of our philosopher plumber, Ronnie Johnson, who has a chapter in my Farmhouse book, you may recall him… Virtual hugs, D

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have to look. Just found your book on my poetry shelf yesterday. Not an easy task. I was looking for Shakespeare but was happy to find you as well.. Did you show photos of your encounter with the boys? I heard you mention it but no photos came through for me and I was looking forward to seeing them.



    Very descriptive, thanks~!. I really like that word perspiscacity, and must put it into my file for: “good words to use”; but in this case does it mean that his perception is looking up, looking down, or something in between~? I thought I had expressed my perception on this when I tried to give a world tour on this subject. But now I may feel that a lot of what is created in the Loo may not make me a genius, or even a bawdy bard, the likes of T.S. Eliot.



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