FOTD Apr 12, Easter Sunday Moss Roses


Two years ago, when the cats knocked over both of the huge precolumbian replica statues my husband and I bought to go on our entrance pedestals the day we bought our house 19 years ago, I decided to turn them into planters. The male has ferns planted in him and the female these moss roses. They decided to bloom for Easter. Happy Easter, everyone.

For Cee’s FOTD

11 thoughts on “FOTD Apr 12, Easter Sunday Moss Roses

      1. roxancena

        Hi Ma’am. Philippines is under lockdown for almost one month already. We have a law here to stay at home during the said lockdown. Otherwise, authorities will impose penalty for those who will be caught outside of their homes. Deaths are rising so fast too especially in Manila, the capital city of the Phils. But other parts of the country, like in our place-Cebu City, it is manageable though. Thanks for asking Ma’am. Keep Safe!❤️


          1. roxancena

            Yes Ma’am. Our local government is doing the house to house delivery to avoid people from going outside. Our government is doing their best to offer financial assistance but they prioritized more the “poorest of the poor”.😊


          2. roxancena

            Nevertheless, there is an appeal, I don’t know yet if this is approved, to also include the middle class because we are the ones who pay taxes, we followed religiously the government policies. In other words, we are included as well in the crisis and not just the poorest of the poor. Like in my case, I’m not earning because our company is on shutdown and it’s a no work no pay basis. So Hopefully, this will be given enough attention by the President of the Philippines.😊



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