Home Sweet Home (Lens-Artist Photo Challenge 94)

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For the Lens-Artist Photo Challenge 94: At Home.

14 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home (Lens-Artist Photo Challenge 94)

  1. Marion Couvillion

    Thanks again Judy, this makes us feel that we have vicariously visited your home, except maybe a few places you left out. I especially like the before and after view of your kitchen, but mine looks a lot more like the after part, often leaving “clean up” until later. I was surprised to hear that you have a problem with plumeria, I love the frangipani plant and have raised them along with bromeliads for many years because they are both difficult to kill which is a real plus for me. But if you call it a tree maybe it is too late to tell you what I do. I must keep them in pots and I cut off the branches of a previous years growth in the spring that are getting too aggressive. I let these cuttings “seal” off for a few days then either stick them into rooting compound and into a new pot, or give them as gifts to friends (who are happy to get them). They are very easy to start and grow. This keeps the mother plant small, sending out multiple new branches making the plant fuller, where you have pruned, and it also makes me popular.

    What beautiful dome ceilings~!!! Mine are all 20 feet too but vaulted, both in my house and the barn (guest house). Maybe I need to post photos too…


    On Sun, Apr 26, 2020 at 4:45 AM lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown wrote:

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks for the info on restarting Plumeria, Sam.. I didn’t know how easy it was. Mine actually seems unscented.. if it had the normal scent I would have cut it down years ago . It is so beautiful now that I can’t stand to but I will start telling my gardener to cut it back a bit each year after the leaves drop off. It is really obscuring my view of the lake and yet so beautiful I can’t stand to cut it down either.


      1. Marion Couvillion

        Just seeing your reply. I started four new plants this spring from cuttings of about a foot long and all four are doing fine. Here I must put them in large pots to protect them from the cold months. Be sure to let the cut place heal over before replanting the cuttings. But they make great “forget me not” gifts for friends who visit and may be something to start that adjoining lot you are trying to plant out. Wish I was closer, a little brook trickling down that slope would be nice.



    As to our place, by the nature and the size of the area, native plants were the way to go. And our house was planned, built and we decorated it exactly as we wanted it, like you, with things we accumulated and loved displayed where we could appreciated them, not in boxes somewhere. (well almost)
    So as to how we designed and decorated our place the way we did, I talk about it here:


    “Doing your own thing”, in my opinion is just an extension of yourself, whether it is how you dress, eat or decorate, within limits of course, I have seen places that are just junk heaps. But even then I feel; if that makes them happy it is their business. As to my possessions I talk about that here:


    Well we could have a contest to see which one “has the most STUFF”~! I guess I have an advantage, after you finish with my house, and then you could take in “The Barn” which more or less looks like a museum from things that we collected through the years; you would then need to go take a look at my storage buildings which we named “barn again”. Stuff that will never see the light of day until my kids put it on the garage sale tables, never knowing how or where we came by them. So like I say a few photos will let you see that you are doing it just right, at least by my standards.

    The only down side of this, and I suspicion you too, is what happens to all of it when we are gone~! My many books have already been promised to LSU because many or them are collector items.



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