Selective Superstition


Selective Superstition

I don’t believe in messages delivered by astrology.
I think my personality’s a matter of biology.
Images in crystal balls I’m sure are just projections.
I’m not about to spend my dough on engineered reflections.

But still I pluck at daisies. Does he love or does he not?
And I check out daily the Tarot cards I bought.
Every scattered grain of salt I throw over my shoulder.
and I won’t step on sidewalk cracks until I’m somewhat bolder.

I’m flexible, I guess you’d say, dealing with superstition.
I want the ones I follow to match my disposition.
If I’m the one in charge of the ones that I am choosing,
I tend to have control of what I’m gaining or I’m losing.


Prompt words today are image, dough, message, astrology and personality.

6 thoughts on “Selective Superstition

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha..yes.. but superstitions nonetheless and I have actually had some amazingly insightful readings from psychics as well, so my poem is not the whole truth. And I haven’t read Tarot in years…


  1. koolkosherkitchen

    And again, I love your retablos, Judy. Nice poem, very amusing. I am, however, full of Old World superstitions, ingrained in me by my grandmother, and I can also read palms and do Tarot readings, but I am not practicing it. My Cat People Tarot deck is just sitting there for decoration purposes.



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