Hail Diego!!!

Hail Diego!!!

He’s the king of dogs by his own choice.
Behold his ruff, Enjoy his voice!
He raises it in time of doubt
to assert his power and raise his clout.


Bypassers make their passings brief
Their parting sighs denote relief.
And since he notes each falling leaf,
no way he’ll overlook a thief.


IMG_9501It is a fact that crime went down
the minute he moved into town.
All citizens should laud his fame,
and spread abroad his glorious name!!!


Prompt words today are relief, fact, king, behold and voice.

12 thoughts on “Hail Diego!!!

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Nope.. a mistake that Sam pointed out and I have changed one to “fame.” I always appreciate having such oversights pointed out, Dolly… thanks.



    Good one~! Too bad spell check turned the word ‘fame’ into ‘name’, it does that to me all the time~!

    Diego on the roof keeping watch reminds of something interesting which happened to me several years ago.

    I had a contract in Bolivia for the installation of a geophysical processing center and then the training of the operation and input of data into the main frame computer. So I stayed in a small hotel in Santa Cruz for several weeks at a time. Not much to do in Santa Cruz at night.

    I never heard any of the dogs I could see on the relative flat roofs barking when I sat outside. But then if I decided to take a walk along the narrow streets, immediately they would cut loose and the noise was deafening~! For blocks around, you would hear them barking though they could not see me. It then occurred to me that I had a different aroma from the natives, and they passed the word that a stranger was among them.

    PS: Diego may be interested in the post I made this morning:


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    Bow to the king, oh mighty barker, Diego, super fighter of crime!

    Duke is sure he is the king of South Uxbridge, but alas, he does not have “the look” of a king. More like a fluffy pile of cute. No one fears him, but he hopes someday they will 😀

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