McDonald Duck and Friends


McDonald Duck and Friends

I know a certain Donald— a king of pass the buck
who to leadership is much less suited than that duck
with whom he shares a name but whose smarts and application
far exceed the POTUS who prefers a golf vacation
to tending to affairs of state except to prompt aggression,
medical misinformation, racism, secession
in order to create a place where he would be the King
relieving congress and the courts from every single thing.

He’d sit up in his tower once the senate had resigned,
ruling at his leisure far above the daily grind,
digressing into fun and games—a golf game, maybe two,
stopping in for French fries and big Macs with extra goo.
He’d sit upon his golden thrown waiting for his bribes
to be delivered daily from his well-heeled tribes.
Courts would not be needed, for guns would rule the day,
trading in extortion in lieu of legal pay.

Let the country go to hell so long as billionaires
go on stockpiling more cash to soothe away their cares.


Word prompts today are leadership, resign, duck, digress and application. photo by Amir Abbas Abdolali on  Unsplash. Used with permission.

11 thoughts on “McDonald Duck and Friends

      1. slmret

        I had a long and rather heated discussion with a friend this evening — last night he watched the rioting, and commented to me that if it continued with no response from the police or fire department, he would feel compelled to vote for Trump (normally he says he doesn’t like either Trump or Biden, so will likely vote Libertarian). I told him I didn’t understand the logic — the response was that he would have to vote for the person who would be least wimpy in responding to such incidents! I hope that is not a pervasive attitude!


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Or perhaps not vote for the person who created a society that welcomed violence as a response to situations. He is the one who supports the gun industry and who supported people resisting the Covid regulations.. Now suddenly he’s surprised people are rioting?


      1. Marilyn Armstrong

        I try not to write about him any more than I must. Sometimes, I feel as if I have no choice and with all this rioting and his threats of killing people, i suppose I will again pretty soon.

        I never thought I could hate someone I’ve never met so much, but I do. I try to reblog posts that say how I feel so I don’t have to say it. But I actually this awful thing who calls himself “president” hates America and Americans.



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