“Prompt” does not associate with “tardy” or with “lazy.”
Those that are more “languorous” think “quick” people are crazy.
Life is made of opposites. The “sad” think they are right
and “cheerfulness” a symptom of someone not too bright.

“Smart” does not associate with “dull” or “dense” or “jocks.”
“Artistic”merely hangs around with other folks in smocks.
“Stolid” does not socialize with “lissome” or with “breezy.”
“Health freaks” eschew contact with folks “drippy” or “sneezy.”

It seems to be a symptom of our modern day and age
that “with-it” folks just hang around with others “all the rage.”
“Breezy” jogs with breezy. The “stagnant” prefer bars
where other stagnant people hang, or buzz Main Street in cars.

Knights hang out with their orders while polishing their lances,
giving men less “chivalrous” condescending glances.
Thus do the cliquish congregate, each thinking it’s the rightest,
not seeing that the hoi polloi are actually the brightest,

accepting the diversity that mixing-up can bring,
seeing what life offers and trying everything.
Life is not a single dish hoarded at the table,
but a mixed buffet where one should taste all they are able.

Prompt words today are breezy, lance, quick, symptom and associate.

9 thoughts on “Picky

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    I tend to think of it it as a salad where all ingredients cheerfully mix while retaining their color, texture, and unique taste.
    Beautifully done, Judy, and a great selection of images.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes.. a mixed salad is a wonderful metaphor–where the bigger the contrast the tastier the salad. My favorite: finely chopped cabbage, grated carrots then chopped, celery, walnuts, dried cranberries, apples and green olives with pimentos–all finely chopped. For dressing, oriental sweet chili sauce mixed with balsamic dressin and blue cheese dressing. Mix well. This salad lasts for days without the apples getting brown so long as the dressing is well mixed it. I actually ate it so often that I’ve been off it for awhile but everyone I ever served it to loved it. I know apples, cranberries and olives sounds weird but it is delicious.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Isn’t that a great photo? Do you remember the night? Leslie and I talked today and I asked her about you. Sounds like you are busy. How I miss you and your crew you have brought into my life!!!



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