DSC08898 - Version 2


Gives an excuse
for that bright orange umbrella
and yellow overshoes
toppled over in the hall closet,
yet it is nighttime and I am old.
I lie under blankets on the sofa,
content with its comforting
on the plastic skylight

It is a friend knocking
calling me out to play.

Six years old,
Imprisoned by summer,
we were given occasionally
the refreshing release
of a hard summer rain.
Bare feet splashing,
we raced dry leaf boats
manned by our imaginations
through the caves of culverts,
down to those ultimate puddles
magnificent in their magnitude.

Sixty years later,
I am caught up in the currents
of that sudden rush downwards
and backwards to
a plastic umbrella
abandoned on the sidewalk
as we opened like  flowers.

hides tears.
Forces growth.
Cleans up our messes
and provides glorious new ones.
Washes away today
and grows tomorrow.


For dVerse Poets: Rain

68 thoughts on “Rain

            1. Kritika

              The weather has actually turned cold and cosy because of the rains.
              We generally move to North near the mountains for relief. The hilly areas are embracing. 😊🌸

              Liked by 1 person

          1. Kritika

            The lockdown is still on and we are taking precautions when we are moving out. Mumbai is the region most affected by it.
            Have no say on the sanity part but yes we are doing better than US.

            Liked by 1 person

          1. slmret

            Yes — and boots that had cloth or fuzz that rubbed all round the legs at the top! But, as you know, we have precious little rain here to deal with, too, so I really don’t remember accurately!


        1. lifelessons Post author

          I love this music and remember dancing to it in Addis. Someone stuck a 50 birr note to my forehead and not realizing what it was, I didn’t pick it up when it fell off, but just danced on. He came to collect it after the dance and was very distressed that I didn’t have it. My bad…



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