Adulation and Lamentation

Adulation and Lamentation

Held captive by your luscious smile, I state the total truth
when I say you are perfection, both in lip and tooth!
Your hair’s no less than gossamer. Your figure scores a ten.
No greater beauty’s lauded by any poet’s pen.
Thanks to both your parents for creating such perfection.
Hereafter we must ostracize beauty of less confection.
It’s clear they scored a victory when they created you,
so why stop at one instead of making us a few?


Prompt words for the day are luscious, thanks, victory, ostracize and captive.

21 thoughts on “Adulation and Lamentation

      1. koolkosherkitchen

        I am too busy to go crazy. Semester has just started, and about a third of my students are not quite comfortable with virtual learning environment. I have to “virtually” hold each one’s hand and make them feel warm and fuzzy.

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            1. lifelessons Post author

              Dr. Dolly.. has a certain ring to it. You’ve probably heard this before, but gotta repeat in comparison that in Ethiopia I was Ms. Judy.. until I discovered Muz (pronounced the same way) meant banana in Amharic, so they were all chuckling mentally as they called me “Banana Judy!”

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            2. koolkosherkitchen

              No, I haven’t heard, and it’s rich, Banana Judy!
              The reason they started calling me Dr Dolly is that nobody could pronounce my last name (before this marriage, that is), and it stuck.


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