The Makeover


The Makeover

She was a timid little thing, wedded to lace and wicker.
Although she had a wicked wit if it were only quicker.
With her friends it’s true that she was faster to respond.
They were a modern sort of crowd–a regular beau monde.

They devised a plot to bring her out, to shatter her reserve.
They knew she had the talent but lacked the will and nerve.
They made it their year’s project to extract her from her shell.
They knew it wouldn’t be easy, for they knew her well.

But their decision was not arbitrary. They were all intent.
Of her reclusive habits, she was going to repent!!!
By what methods they inspired her, I fear we’ll ne’er discover.
Let it suffice for us to say they brought her from her cover.

By the next social season, she was fashionably buff.
Her reparté was clever, her rejoinders up to snuff.
And all the local bachelors, formerly prone to snickering
were lined up before the lady, groveling and smickering.



Words for the day are project, arbitrary, smicker, reserve and respond.

Definition of smicker from Merriam Webster Dictionary:

archaicto ogle and smile amorously 

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