Who Needs an Election?

Who Needs an Election?

Our perfunctory president is not in any hurry
to pack his suitcase.  He’s a rat that’s unequipped to scurry.
Unready to give up his throne., he thinks we are in need
of his gross incompetence, his racism and greed.
How could his teeming vassals unseat their liege-lord now?
How dare his noble lackeys desert their sacred cow?
Are they in their right minds, seeking to end his power?
Must he desert his White House and make do with his tower?

His orange countenance grows pale. His comb-over descends.
He thought that he would rule our world ’til he was in Depends!
If he could only change the rules, how great that it would be
to play his “Trump,” enabling him to found a dynasty.
First Junior, then Ivanka could inherit his domain.
What other tyrant is equipped to take over his reign?
This liberty these fools taut can’t hold a candle to him.
His light is needed now the torch of liberty’s gone dim.

No need for an election. The world’s too dire for that.
He’ll gladly serve another term growing sleek and fat.
He’ll sack Social Security and supplement the riches
of all the moneyed classes. Never mind the foreign bitches
who have swarmed into the congress. Send those tawny women home—
the sacred halls of governance better suit a gnome
who carries golf clubs as his scepters and overlooks derision
to fuck the whole damn world according to his crazy vision.

“Heil Trump,”  his swastika’d supporters chant. “And damn the Jews!”
“Crucify the liberals,” is shouted from the pews
of those for whom religion is being blindly led,
forsaking what is written in favor of what’s said.
As lambs led to the slaughter, let us bleat and blindly scamper
after all the rich men that we were born to pamper.
We do not need good health care, let alone good food or shelter.
Long Live Trump! Who cares if the whole world goes “Helter Skelter?”


Prompt words are unready, perfunctory, racismscurry and suitcase. Image  from Unsplash, used with permission.


18 thoughts on “Who Needs an Election?

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I got a bit carried away. Keep thinking I’m going to be less angry about all this as I know that doesn’t solve anything, but something new and outrageous happens and it makes me want to be outrageous. In words if not in actions.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. John Hric

    new outrageous distractions – that sounds vaguely and disturbingly familiar. hold on tight and keep your seat belt fastened until the ride comes to a full and disturbing stop… oh and do not forget the crash helmet.

    Liked by 3 people


    Very good poem, and I would have said excellent except for one word. I am not really a prude; I just do not like certain words, which lower the quality of a poem, as it also does a person in speaking. The same reason I do not like “stand up comics” who seem to think that a “potty mouth” is funny.


  3. XingfuMama

    I couldn’t hit “like” it’s too true to be good. Sadly the situation isn’t amusing. The real point seems to be to lay the foundation for disputing election results. One thing we need to do is stop using the phrase mail in voting and call it absentee. Which he and his family do.

    Liked by 2 people


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