Visiting Grandma


Visiting Grandma

If you must go on an escapade, be sure to take umbrellas.
Do not talk to strangers and do not flirt with fellas.
Why put on all that makeup? Your natural look is best.
Why would you wear a bustier when you could wear a vest?

Pick locales you know are safe. Just go to ones near churches.
Beware of stuff that falls from planes and pigeons on tall perches.
You may think your gallivanting is the stuff of dreams,
but the world of adventure is not all that it seems.

Why not choose daylight hours to see what you can see
and once the sun sets, stay at home, here with gramps and me?
I’ll make a pan of fudge and then we can play Parcheesi.
This town’s not nice at night. It’s very dark and way too breezy.

But if you simply must go out, mind the bottom stair.
Is that funny little outfit the one you’re going to wear?
Put toilet paper on the seat when you use the loo!
A key? Oh, you won’t need one.  We’ll be waiting up for you.

Prompt words today are umbrella, escapade, dream, locale and natural.

14 thoughts on “Visiting Grandma


    Oh I especially like that word “gallivanting”~! I have not heard that in years, not sense it was used on me… Also I always wondered how they knew so much about all the terrible things that went on with us at night.

    My mother was very strict and my sister, who just passed away, was two years older than me. When she stayed out “overtime”, late on a date, she would come by my window, which opened onto the porch, and scratch on it. I would let her in, without waking my mom~! We were great “co-sinners” our whole life. My sisters had a much tougher time than we boys did~! Grace Livingston Hill was the only fiction they could read~! I had comic books hidden under my bed until “mama” found them and burned them in the back yard, they would be worth a fortune today~! She also burned our Oui·ja board saying “it is the work of the devil”.

    No I don’t have a comeback poem to yours, but I am thinking about the dating I did in Latin America, and the rules were much!, much! more strict, funny now, but a pain back then to a “boy” in his 20’s~! Let’s see, how will I start, but I know how it will end~!!!

    One more thing, your use of the word “Loo” was timely because I wrote a ditty just this morning using it. I have an acquaintance who deals with those “off the grid” Incinolet toilets. Out of jest I wrote this for him:


    Here is to the Eclectic Electric Loo.
    Needs no plumbing, like other ones do.
    Almost put it anywhere that just suits you.
    Easy to install, just plug it in, without a crew.
    But always push the button when you’re through~!



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