Donald’s Time Out

Donald’s Time Out

Everyone knows that you reap what you sow.
This platitude’s spoken wherever we go.
And when it is cotton you bury so deep,
It’s also true that you’ll sew what you reap.

You must get despondent when things don’t go right,
for the seeds that you’ve sown are what you must bite.
If you plant bitter melons, you’ll meet with defeat
if sweeter fruit is what you want to eat.

Whatever is planted at your behest
is what you will yield at your own request.
Whatever you’ve buried will rise to the top.
nt actions will yield a kind crop.

But harm done to others, you’ll likely rue,
as the other one acted upon will be you!
You are part of the world where you’re planting your seed,
and you’ll bear the brunt of your terrible greed.

It’s a different dark harvest the world is now reaping.
It’s been getting a foothold while you have been sleeping.
As you wielded your golf clubs, its roots have spread wide.
It lifted its branches as millions have died.

It crept out of cages as children bemoaned
the fact they were hungry and cold and alone.
It was watered by rivers poisoned and polluted,
as reason was smothered and good sense diluted.

So reap your cruel harvest. What fate is now serving
is certainly what you have long been deserving.
So you’ll sit at the table until you’ve diminished
the junk on your plate, and once you have finished,

please clean up the beaches and oceans and air,
for the evils you’ve planted have spread everywhere.
You’ll sit at that table until you confess
your part in creating this terrible mess! 

Pull your chair to the table and eat ’til you choke.
The evils you’ve done are more than a joke.
The fruits of your labor have made a vile stew.
Please forgive us if we refuse dining with you!!!


Words of the day are harvest, despondent, benevolent, behest and difference. Image by Joyce Romero on Unsplash.


23 thoughts on “Donald’s Time Out


    Oh Judy you are batting a thousand this morning~! You covered the bases very well and did it all in very fine form. THANKS~!

    Again our minds were working in parallel, but how could they be otherwise with the country being is such a mess. I too had similar thoughts during the night, on my usual three o’clock dream musings, but I only took notes and went back to sleep. I will try to put them together later today. Right now I am fighting a water system problem. The highline tree trimmers messed up the wiring going to my pumps and now I have no water. Found the problem though and just now need to get it fixed.

    Again thanks for the poem of today, it said exactly what I am thinking but my dream world thoughts cover something past “today” and I hope it will be a good message, but who could hope to top yours.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Sam..Cats woke me up at 4:30 and I fed them and put them out and then looked up the prompts..I wrote the first stanza after just looking at the first prompt and then looked up the rest of the prompt words and finished the poem. I strayed a bit from the direction of the second two lines but couldn’t remove them. I was line-proud–a true sin for a writer of poetry.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Ha.. No, Sam, I hadn’t read it. Sometimes I read blogs in the morning and the night and miss the ones in the middle, and I don’t always comment, but would have on this one. You “sorta” have me figured out but in fact I just love life so much that I want to fill every bit of it. I’ve been that way since I was little. I stayed awake late at night after everyone else had gone to sleep just to think and imagine…or to read books I had hidden away. My folks never came upstairs to check and my sisters didn’t care, or were sleeping, or intent on their own pastimes. I think part of the reason I wanted to travel was because I thought there were more things to do in other parts of the world, or in bigger towns or with more people around. My dad said his mother was always busy and demanded that they always be busy but my folks did not demand this of me. When he got home from a long day of hard work, my dad sat in “his” chair and read until he fell asleep. He did not lift a finger. Nor did my mother ask him to. She herself loved a long afternoon on the couch with a book. My older sister could have slept 12 hours or more a day, or around the clock. She could never get enough sleep. I on the other hand have rarely slept for more than 6 hours a night and many times much less. I like sleep but I love being awake. What I do I do because I love doing it and when I moved to Mexico I swore I’d leave obligation behind. No committees, no board of directors, no classes. Not even any book clubs or any group activities unless they were ones I loved that involved writing or art. Even at that, I dropped out of the art league after one year. I just can’t do meetings anymore. I like being around kids and adults doing art or writing activities. That’s it. And writing and doing art on my own. My dogs and cats and friends who are fun and still know how to play. So, I don’t really need much rest from a life like this but appreciate a little dog or cat who will jump up on me and pin my arms down for awhile and demand that I just be.

          Thanks for the poem. I’m honored. I don’t ever see it when you post unless you send a link. Is there no follow button on your blog? If it is follow by email, I will never see it. I only go by notifications…J


          1. SAM VOELKER

            I was afraid that I hurt your feelings by putting your name on it.

            I, from the beginning saw a resemblance but often for other differences.

            Being deaf from the age of three I found solace in reading and if you came to my home you would trip over books, they are everywhere, I do read slowly but remember most of what I read, so often will go back to re-read something from long past. Not very much fiction, it is a waste of my time, except like for pre history books of times before writing. Like the work of Jean M. Auel.

            An actual meeting between us may not work, well because we would both be trying to talk at the same time, the direction our lives, in a way, having been parallel, and we would have a lot to talk about.

            I only have notice to people via email. As I said before, I have never had time to learn the in’s and out’s of word press, too many other things seem more important to me. I do not have a craving for “likes” except it lets me know that a given person has at least seen it. I have tried to keep readership low, below 80 on face book and often try to block persons on word press who seem not to be serious. Thus a low readership (I think).

            It is like saying “I love you” to every girl you meet, soon you wonder which ones you said it to~!


      1. SAM VOELKER

        Has anyone else noticed that lately he often he often drags his feet when he walks, with his head almost bowed~? I have seen this in others with his awful mental problem. I still think that they keep a straight jacket in the White house, especially his size, and I have a bet with myself that it may be used before he leaves~!
        Been there, seen that~!

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          Yes, I’ve noticed, but there are so many negative and unusual things to note about that man that we’ve had to start not mentioning everything. Any one of these things would be a matter of much discussion regarding any other president, but this one has worn us out with his oddities.


        2. slmret

          He’s been dragging his right foot recently — not a TIA, which causes drag of left foot, but something has happened. Yes, and with his head bowed. I have also wondered if he’ll make it through his term!



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