Heartful Gatherings: August 27, 2020

Heartful Gatherings

Those who yawp on about rainbows and the weather are too wordy.
I’d rather converse at great length about topics more nerdy.
Crossed ankles and a pot of tea with polite conversation
seem somehow remiss in their mental titillation.
Give me feet up on the coffee table with a nerd or two—
both talk and a libation of a stronger brew.
Quantum physics, writing, music, games or art
make for a connection that is closer to my heart.
When it comes to cliques that I could  be a part of,
I prefer to find a group that I can find the heart of.

Prompt words for today are connection, nerd, rainbow, yawp and group.

15 thoughts on “Heartful Gatherings: August 27, 2020

  1. Dianne Morrow

    Love this poem, dear heartfull friend! Missing you and other wonderful MX folks, Dianne

    Dianne Morrow 228 West Covehead Rd. York, PE C0A 1P0 902-672-2013 902-916-4097



    1. lifelessons Post author

      I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately, Dianne.. partly prompted by photos such as this one, and your fox, but also other photos of your home and environs. Don’t think I’ll make it to La Manz next year, either. They are having quite a storm right now. River way over its banks and some houses flooded. My old home in CA going through some terrible times. One friend had his home burned down and all my other friends have been evacuated. Just horrible. Now this hurricane..Ma Nature is pissed!!!!



    I would not want to hurt any feelings, when I can not hear what is being said, but at least one of the photos had a thought going through my head that said: “that is not for me, I would be very ill at ease there…..Then I read your poem and I said: “YES, she said it exactly as I would have”….Maybe you were just writing, but I was just thinking…I have been in many such meetings, thinking that it was “Verbal Masturbation”, just talking about what they think will impress others.
    I guess I would have most at ease in first photo of the Mesoamerican hut, if they removed those tables and let people sit on the ground, being their selves~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      These are all settings I feel at home in. The one you refer to is the writing group I go to La Manzanilla and most of us would not make it back up again from sitting on the ground. The group of women standing is my women’s writing group that goes on retreat with each other every year..One group of musical friends from La Manzanilla and a group of friends who came to my house to make retablos.. that takes care of the art part. Didn’t put up a photo of dice or Mexican Train (dominoes) but another “doing” congregation I enjoy.



    Would a log or a bench be OK~? I guess I would do a little grunting, trying to get up as well, but everyone would get a good laugh out of that too~! As I said I did not mean it to be a “put down” but rather my observation of a cold two-dimensional photo, which can not talk. I have spent many a night in such a hut and will remember these, long after I have forgotten the cold social get-togethers I have been to. Exactly the ones you describe in your poem.

    The libation may only be limited chicha de maize, aguardiente, or the more social Cuba libre, just to make the conversation flow better. Here I prefer “Southern Comfort” on ice, and if I were pushed into it, I promise that my quantum physics would be limited to the mechanics of earth science. Maybe talking about the weather would be more exiting than that, ha ha~!.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I don’t want to give the impression that I am a whizz at Science, although I did win the Biology medal in my H.S. My acquaintanship with science ended after collage botany, however. Just couldn’t get into the dissections. I am mainly interested in Quantum Mechanics as it relates to more human issues such as the Universal Unconscious, synchronicity and E.S.P. I really don’t understand how it works–just some of the concepts.

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