Can anyone guess what flower this is? FOTD Sept 7, 2020

(No fair. It is actually the calyx that the huge yellow hibiscus from a few days ago fell off of! It’s so pretty that I just left it in the vase.)

This morning, it looks like this: (Click on photos to enlarge.)


For Cee’s FOTD

38 thoughts on “Can anyone guess what flower this is? FOTD Sept 7, 2020

  1. slmret

    It’s beautiful, Judy — I would have said it looks like a wax flower votive holder! Fascinating that it folded upward in the morning, just as if the flower was still there!


  2. KC

    I recognized this immediately as I was just examining one outside (not my house) and wondering…If I plucked this (seed?), how can I ‘plant’ it in my yard?? Do you have an answer?


      1. lifelessons Post author

        Have you ever seen a bird of paradise seed? They have orange feather plumes! I have some I got 46 years ago in Hawaii. Wonder if they’d bloom? After over 50 years of growing them, I’ve only had one go to seed–here in Mexico, and the seeds looked the same. Love it. I can’t remember whether I planted any or not this last time, but if I can find them, I’m tempted to try to grow the really old one. It still looks exactly like it did when I got it in Hawaii.

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        1. KC

          Can’t hurt to try. Take a photo of the seed – sounds interesting. I swiped a couple of the hibiscus β€œpods” to plant



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