Why Bakeries Were Invented

Why Bakeries Were Invented

I’ve baked the cake, but cannot get the damn thing from the pan—
the problem being, mainly, that sticky layer of flan.
My daughter had demanded it, persnickety like her dad.
How had she ever heard of flan? I guess it was a fad.

I poured the custard in the pan and covered it with batter,
not sure whether the flan went first or if it was the latter.
Ten minutes in the oven and the glop began to rage
as though it was an animal, intent to leave its cage.

It roiled and fluxed, formed bubbles and spouted like fresh lava.
I lit a cigarette and poured another cup of java.
Although it was her birthday, I rued the day I’d asked
what kind of cake she wanted, for in this I’m sorely tasked.

But surprisingly, this devil cake did not escape its boundaries,
in spite of all my puzzlements and all my gross confounderies.
Now that I’ve finally got it out, I really am exhausted—
only to hear her next request. Now she wants it frosted!!!

Prompt words for today are exhausted, cage, flux, persnickety and cover.

24 thoughts on “Why Bakeries Were Invented

    1. lifelessons Post author

      They certainly flooded into my life, but I never once wished they weren’t there. It was fun to have kids around and to have a family ready-made. He had four older children as well, and a younger child from another woman. So there were lots of kids. I’m still in touch with all the older ones and they’ve all been down to visit me–the four older ones and the one younger one.

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  1. Mister Bump UK

    My mum used to *buy* flam cases from the supermarket, spongey-type things. It kind-of ended up a bit like trifle, and I just thought, “why not make trifle?” Are they the same thing? I never heard the word since – must be almost 40 years.


            1. lifelessons Post author

              Best I ever had was my mother’s. She covered it with tiny marshmallows before she baked it and although I don’t even like marshmallows, they melted to make a thin browned-sugar topping that was wonderful-like a thin browned crust.

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    I had never heard of a flan cake,
    so I went online to search
    recipes,wanting one to bake,
    but google left me in a lurch.

    But being French I knew another
    way to to fix that flan too,
    one more step to it, no bother
    to finish off this custard brew,

    When the custard is cool to the touch,
    sprinkle brown sugar on it’s top,
    then light a hot blow torch,
    and caramel it until it pops.

    If friends ask you what it is,
    and what is that sweet smell,
    tell them don’t know that this
    is just “creme caramel”.

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