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Chocolate Cake


You’re being good and I am not.
I broke my diet and got caught.
I’d have resisted if I could,
but chocolate cake just looked so good.

I bought a piece, not a whole cake.
I thought a meal of it I’d make.
But now you feel you must rebut
my obvious need for chocolate.

Will you soon go? It’s getting late,
and there’s this chocolate on my plate.
And though I know it’s impolite,
the chances that I’ll share are slight.

Of your smug lecture I’ve had enough
and now it’s my turn to be tough.
If you must fall from your high throne
and dine on cake, go buy your own!

The prompt word today is slight.

Last Request

Version 2jdbphoto

Last Request

I pine, I anguish, yearn and ache;
yet don’t allow myself to bake.
I don’t dessert for calorie’s sake,
for if I do, my floorboards quake.
Yet one request I’d like to make.
When that last sleep I finally take,
if I should die before I wake,
please let my last meal include cake!

Today’s prompt word was “Cake.”