He’d written the definitive how-to-do-it guide,
but needed a good editor, so I had applied.

He was a woodsy sort of bloke, self-confident and curious,
but once I got to know him, I found him to be spurious.

Though he seemed independent, when I asked him to replace
a light bulb in its socket, he did a turn-of-face.

He balked and had a certain emergency of bladder
when asked if he would simply climb up on a ladder!

It seems the very sort of jobs he taught us to be doing,
due to his acrophobia, were ones he was eschewing!

When it came to home improvement, he was words upon a shelf,
giving literal meaning to the term “do-it-yourself!”

Prompt words today are woodsy, replace, independent, editor and spurious.

10 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself!

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yesterday, I was trying to remember the word “vertigo,” I totally blanked out and when I looked up a word for fear of heights, this is the only one that came up, so I used it. Later, Forgottenman came to my aid as usual and supplied the ubiquitous word “vertigo,” which I knew perfectly well, but if you are over 65, perhaps you know about these memory glitches? Anyway, vertigo didn’t work rhythmically, so acrophobia won out again.

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