And We Thought We Were the Only Ones? This is a Hoot!!!!

6 thoughts on “And We Thought We Were the Only Ones? This is a Hoot!!!!

      1. SAM VOELKER

        Well here is one you may not agree with, but something I often feel like saying. I guess that you, at times see the rapid evolution of language and speaking, keeping us guessing, with the rapid writing change, and words not accepted only a short time back now are found in the dictionary due to changes in use. But old farts like me are just too stubborn I guess~! But I make ME happy most of the time, if at times I feel rather dumb in the things I say… My editor friend does give me courage to vent about these things~!

        Wow I had a house full as guest tonight, among other things I fixed young chicken stuffed with rice dressing with crayfish~! Bet you never had this~!! We had a beautiful clear warm day.. and ate outside listening to the water fall and night birds. When each guest finished with their fresh cherry pie with ice cream, they put their paper plates down on the porch and Tami helped clean them up~! About the only trick my dog is an expert at.

        Tomorrow I have three more guest coming up from Corpus Christi, but I already have things fixed to feed them. I made a very large pot of Red Beans and rice with the ham bone left over from Christmas… This is a Louisiana staple and will go good with all the fixings. Just trying to keep my mind occupied during what turns out to be a sad time for me.
        So here is the post I just made:



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