On the Road

Remember many years ago when roads were just two-lane
and strings of Wally Byamers would drive across the plain,
swarms of silver trailers, in a never-ending chain
that made passing all of them a headache and a pain?
With oncoming traffic to take into account,
It was an endless chore of weaving in and out.

As a little girl, I’d stand beside the highway,
watching all the traffic whizzing by my tiny byway.
And once I saw a cherry top wave a trailer down
that was leading a whole caravan of airstreams through our town.
“Yada yada yada,” said their leader to the cop
when he gave the orders for their caravan to stop.

What was their infraction? They’d done not done one thing wrong!
The problem was their caravan, the cop said, “It’s too long.”
Thirty airstreams in a row was courting a disaster.
Couldn’t half of them just try to drive a little faster
to create a distance, giving other cars a break.
A little space between them before they overtake

another clump of traffic that will have them in-and-outing,
rolling down their windows and gesturing and shouting?
But, proud as any Samurai, the leader shouted, “No!”
“Without me here to lead them, they won’t know where to go!”
And that’s why thirty airstreams are parked in our back field,
waiting for their leader, who has refused to yield.

He’s camped out in our jailhouse, relieved if truth will tell—
rescued from constant wandering and cozy in his cell.

Word prompts for the day are yada yada yada, only, caravan, proud and samurai.

19 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. slmret

    I love this, Judy! I don’t remember lines of trailers (but we didn’t live near the highway), but in California the law says that if you are holding up more than 5 cars behind you, you are to pull over and let them by. It’s a good idea, but not always possible! Love the term “cherry top” — our Chips have recently changed to SUV’s with light bars across the top that look like ski racks! It’s not as easy to identify them from a distance as it used to be!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh boy. We were out in the middle of nowhere on the major route E to W in the U.S. and Hiway 16 cut right through our town! There were streams of airstreams miles long and people behind them would get so angry and there was no pass lane. Every 30 miles or so, they’d pull over, but they needed a big spot to do so.


  2. Christine Goodnough

    Glad to hear he’s enjoying his break. 🙂
    I remember those days! We wouldn’t have had long lines of them here on the prairie, where tourist attractions are limited. But we’re all very glad main highways are four-lane now, on general principle.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lifelessons Post author

    I lived 50 miles from Wall Drug, exactly equidistant from the Black Hills and the Corn Palace, and the Pioneer Auto Museum was in my town. The size of the town more than doubled when the motels were all filled, and they usually were in the summer. Big tourist route.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Stine Writing

    As I was reading your work I was watching on the news about a young woman in Puerto Rico who has a company that turns shipping containers into homes that are hurricane and earthquake proof. It is a great idea and she wants it to spread to refugee camps and other things.

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