Home (A Nonet for dVerse Poets)


Broken shadows across the cracked ground
flow together when skies darken.
As night birds start to call,
we start our long walk
to that place where
light returns 
when we

The opening line of this Nonet is a line from the poem “To the Light of September” by  W.S. Merwin. According to the nonet rules, each line had one less syllable, descending from nine to one.

For the dVerse Poets prompt

7 thoughts on “Home (A Nonet for dVerse Poets)

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Peter. Hope you read the last version. A friend pointed out that in the first version, my last line had two syllables, so I had to work it over. After doing so, I just was satisfied so worked it over a third time to the present version. It can be harder to edit with fewer words and thus fewer syllables. Ironic.



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