Hibiscus Bud and Bloom, FOTD Oct 9, 2020

Hard to believe that this is a bud from the same hibiscus plant that I published a photo of yesterday–that time a fully opened bloom. This is the picture of the bud I took yesterday.

Below is what this bud looks like today. Just a bit more unfurled and less yellow in the petals. perhaps because that yellow is just on the edges and now that it has unfurled a bit, less of it shows as it isn’t so tightly packed.

What a difference a day makes.

And below is yesterday’s hibiscus today. It is from the same plant as the bud above. Please click on first photo to enlarge all.

Once the petals are spread, they look nearly white. most of the color is on the back of the petals and only shows through when lit from behind. An intriguing flower.

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