Fools Rule Fools



I could not stand to watch election results, afraid that  election results from four years ago would be repeated. I awakened at 5 a.m. to read a Facebook message from a friend fearing Trump had won. (Thanks, Gordon, for such a pleasant awakening message.) Then a message flashed in the upper right of my screen that Trump was protesting the election. So perhaps he hadn’t won, but the idea that it was close enough that he’d consider doing so broke my heart. Then I looked at the prompt words:

Fools Rule Fools

Utopia is broken, it’s promise growing faint.
Not a pretty picture for liberty to paint.
That it could even be this close signals something broken.
That all our pretty declarations have become a token.
Liberty and fairness? Land of opportunity?
What happened to “Give me your poor?” What happened to our unity?
“Opportunist” works to label one who seeks to rule us,
driven to seek office out of a lust to fool us.
People, take your blinders off. Your piper is a cruel one.
When it comes to ruling over fools, it takes a fool to rule one!


Word prompts today are paint, Utopia, promise..

15 thoughts on “Fools Rule Fools

    1. lifelessons Post author

      It already wasn’t fair before the election, with false ballot boxes being installed and politicians limiting the ballot boxes in huge metro areas. Now they are claiming voter fraud? Amazing nerve. Sickening the direction this president has lead people in.

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  1. John Hric

    It has been four years of daily lies, lawlessness, and hate. So why why would he do anything different ? We have a sociopath tyrant trying to bully an entire nation. And if we keep counting the votes we just might get rid of him.

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