Looking in, Looking out: Thursday Doors, Nov 5, 2020

Click on photos to enlarge.

I snapped the first photo with my phone one late night/early morning, returning to my house from the studio. The second is my studio from my chair, the third is Morrie and Diego coming to tell me it is midnight and time to bome back up to the house. If they aren’t inside the studio, they are usually as close to the door outside as possible, and never fail to come to try to lure me up to the house at midnight. The fourth photo is looking out from my studio to the lake and the third is perhaps not quite legit. Does a doorway qualify as a door?

For Norm’s Thursday Doors.

17 thoughts on “Looking in, Looking out: Thursday Doors, Nov 5, 2020

    1. lifelessons Post author

      The door to the left is the little room I built on for the doggies. They have their own fridge, feeding station and beds (in cages) there. When I first had Diego, I took him everywhere with me in a little cage since he’d been a street puppy and was afraid when I left him that I wouldn’t come back. His cage is his security and even now, he won’t sleep except in a cage! To the right is the covered terrace and behind it you are looking into the living/dining room and kitchen. The hot tub and pool are to the right. Bedrooms are off-camera to the left. House tour!!!



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