Extraordinary if True!!

If this is really feasible, it could be what saves our world.

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8 thoughts on “Extraordinary if True!!

  1. okcForgottenMan

    NO! NO! NO! This video is HUGELY disingenuous!!! Snake oil!! To do what they say they’re doing requires a LOT of energy!! They don’t address how/where they’re getting that energy from!! Simple thermodynamics! Look, I am terrified of the problems of human-induced climate change, and I’m always on the lookout for simple solutions, but this video ignores SO MUCH science that it’s appalling! This is utter garbage. (Sorry, Dear.)

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    1. slmret

      This video brings out a number of questions. 1) In order to run the machines, there is tremendous use of energy — does it use part of the energy it produces? 2) In the engines we currently use, there are always emissions of some sort — what are the emissions that this ‘fuel’ produces? 3) There is a huge cost of conversion — this video implies that we would use the new fuel in current engines — or is there a conversion cost to the user? I could go on — it seems like an interesting technology to explore, but there are a lot more questions that need answers!

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        1. slmret

          It sounds too good to be true — in a car culture such as Southern California, it would help with the air quality as well as with global warming issues! (Sorry I missed the beginning comments — it was an early morning today!)

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