Wise Men and Fools

Wise Men and Fools

Pompous men and religious zealots rush into the fray
professing as the solid truth speculations they
determine to be necessary for things to be righted
and other fools support them because they are short-sighted.
But wisdom is as wisdom does and not as wisdom thinks.
It floats up to the surface when foolishness just sinks.
It tends toward calm and practical when flightier heads turn manic
and is irreconcilable with discord and with panic.

Fools may build vain edifices reaching to the skies
that are palatial prisons—follies in disguise.
In time of war, a bunker furnishes more protection,
offering a wiser choice to screen us from detection.
Fools raise their hands and wave at us, inviting their own end,
standing straight and rigid when a wiser man might bend.
Fools rush in where sages might not speculate,
instead letting  the evidence sit and percolate.

Sages, fools and charlatans mixed up in the fray.
For those who cannot tell the difference, now we’ll all have to pay.


Prompt words for today are wisdom, irreconcilable, practical and palatial.

7 thoughts on “Wise Men and Fools

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know we’re all sick of Trump. I’m surely sick of seeing his face so I apologize. Just can’t believe we’ll be paying the asshole $1,400.000 salary and travel expenses plus security expenses for the rest of his life. We will pay and pay in more ways than one.

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  1. Marleen

    I really like that poem. I wrote something (not a poem), yesterday, about Pence and McCarthy — and Trump’s treatment of them. Even though Kevin McCarthy was trying to do what Donald wanted, the way I put it was that Kevin wasn’t doing it “manically” (and ready to die). So, while the crowd at the Capitol was already going after Pence, Trump said to McCarthy that he, too, must not care about the election results as much as the [manic] invaders. I’m sure you’ve heard this basic story in the news. And I love how you ended the poem.

    I really wanted to deprive Trump of the long-term support and of the usual honorary funeral. I still hope there is some way to deny him the honorary funeral.

    And, yes, we’re still paying in more ways, like Biden and everybody having to clean up the mess and get things operating properly.

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